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                                      Shanghai ThinkWise Industrial Co.,Ltd is one of the leading High-tech enterprises, which adheres to the concept of“Innovation changes life” and creates ThinkWise Brand. Based on ergonomic research, we take“Long-term commitment to ergonomic products


                                      Project Cases MORE

                                    1. 10-102018

                                      ORGATEC 2018

                                        The leading international trade fair for the modern working world, ORGATEC 2018, will be held in Cologne from Oct 23 to Oct 27, 2018. Based in Shanghai of China, as one of leading manufacturers in the industry, we ThinkWise will present monitor arms/mounts including the newest ones. Our booth: Hall 7...

                                    2. 01-122017

                                      Farewell to the "bow family",ThinkWise Laptop Holder S107

                                             Laptop has been widely used and replaced the bulky desktop computer for light and handy. However, this advantage is also its deadly shortcoming in the use. In front of the small laptop, we have to bow the back and head. As time passes, we are easy to sick with cervical spondylopathy. In...

                                    3. 08-302016

                                      Breaking traditional rule, ThinkWise lead a new trend for health

                                      Sitting is a traditional working pattern. However, there is more and more data indicate that sitting for a long time would lead to high probability to have diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cervical spondylosis, and even death. Health is the necessary requirement of work. So we should work with good health. A new rese...

                                    4. 05-012016

                                      Welcome to visit ThinkWise new office place

                                      Shanghai ThinkWise's office place moved to Building 12, No.230 ChuanHong Road, Chuansha town, Pudong new area, Shanghai, China.  We welcome your visit to our office and have more business with you.

                                    5. 02-152016

                                      Dance freely, ThinkWise Laptop Holder S106

                                      With the upgrading of electronic products, laptops are increasingly popular for light weight and easy to carry. However, there would be a problem the user faced that easy to get cervical disease for long time bending down the neck and looking down. So, what can we do to stay away from cervical disease brought by using...

                                    6. 12-212015

                                      Move by heart , Assessment for Think Wise LCD Arm S100

                                      With the popularity of the network, computer becomes anecessary both in our work and life. At the same time of getting convenience,we should worry about the heath problem that it brings. In recent years,cervical spondylosis becomes the most serious occupational disease among the office workers. The main reason is mis...

                                    7. 09-162015

                                      ThinkWise LCD arm, support tomorrow’s healthy life

                                      When it comes to health, we have always wanted accompanied with health, but on the contrary, in reality, we suffered with occupational diseases more or less for years of work. Especiallyin this digital time, we hardly escape from the computer diseases. Cervical spondylosis is one of the most serious diseases, which is...

                                    8. 03-012015
                                    9. 11-052014

                                      Game life with ThinkWise triple monitor arm

                                      With the more and more the game lovers, only one screen can not meet their requirement and they seek after visual shock on multi-screen. At the same time,multi-screen monitor is one of the necessary parts. A good multi-screen could support the weight of monitor, ensure the security and stability of the monitorand adju...

                                    10. 08-012014

                                      With hero’s equipment, you can fight a hundred battles with

                                      With the development of electronic products, the electronic games are more and more popular and lead to the increasing favor to peripheral equipments. Asa professional game player, who takes the bonus acquired in the game as the main source of livelihood, to have a handy gaming peripherals equipment is one of the imp...

                                    11. 12-092013

                                      ThinkWise teach you how to choose monitor arm

                                         Monitor arm market is increasingly developed for computer guys to stay away from the cervical spondylosis. There are a great variety of monitor arms in the market.ThinkWise will teach you that how to choose a suitable monitor arm from the wide range market. 1.Performance The angle of rotation is the m...

                                    12. 11-082013
                                    13. 06-262012

                                      OEM development of ThinkWise

                                      OEM, short of Original Equipment Manufacturer, literally means a factory manufactures products and parts as required by another factory. It also means brand-made. OEM is anessential route under the socialized large scale production and cooperation trends, also an effective way for resources rationalized. It has been...

                                    14. 03-202012

                                      Magnificent Turn of ThinkWise - From ODM to OEM

                                      With intensifying competition in LCD arm industries, customers show great interest in personality and original LCD arm brand. At the same time, Shanghai ThinkWise, who is focused on ODM products all the time, create an emerging brand “ThinkWise”. ThinkWise concentrated on ODM in the past and now become aleading compa...

                                    15. 05-192017

                                      IKEA launched a new standing desk to reduce the risk of sedentary body

                                      Standing desks have become common place across Silicon Valley, offering health benefits to those willing to work on their feet.                                             However, due to their high ...

                                    16. 03-142017

                                      Use a Sit-Stand Workstation

                                      What if there was a way to be chained to a desk without having to sit the entire day? Research has consistently linked prolonged sitting to obesity, poor posture, and chronic pain, plus studies indicate many spend significantly more time seated at work than in their free time . One way to comb...

                                    17. 02-082016

                                      Buster to Cervical Spondylosis - LCD Arm

                                      In recent years, with the popularity of computers, mobile phones and other electronic products, the cervical disease is becoming a more and more serious issue among the users. Cervical disease, also known as cervical syndrome, is a disorder base on degenerative pathology. Due to long-term cervical strain,osteoarthriti...

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